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Head Quartered in Sharjah, UAE, Buraq is a complete mobility and logistics initiative by SAM (Sharjah Asset Management) and Rafid Automotive Solutions. Providing the residents of Sharjah a completely tailored, premium experience.

Buraq was conceived with the vision of being a premier provider of Innovative & Best-in-class Logistics and Transport Solution. Therefore, Buraq prioritizes two key metrics over all else:

  • Amazing Customer Experience In-house call-center to ensure round the clock support. Eliminating the need for old school physical complaint handling locations. Every 15 drivers having a Manager to ensure complete control of quality (Round the clock monitoring). 24-hour operations capability

  • "With Buraq all your support needs are taken care of at the convenience of your home at the touch of a few buttons!"

  • Superior Technology Best in the industry technology for the most efficient, seamless and accurate delivery and transportation services. Fully integrated, cloud-based solution which provides complete visibility to our clients. Automated Route Planning & reduced overall lead time

  • "Anything that requires to be moved, we got it!"

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